Monday, November 17, 2008



This is the first Jagaddhatri Puja with my own camera in hand. So followed indiscriminant clicking which resulted near about 1500 images within 5 days. Choosing the right images to upload was not an easy task, especially when you need to resize each image (approx 4-5 MB each) for the web. However I have chosen some random images from that collection so that there is at least one image from every aspect of the festival. (However time have not permitted me to click the initial preparations like the making of idol, pandal etc). Due to limiting to about 103 images from a set of 1500, there may be some good images left out, and some not so good are uploaded. I think you can enjoy these random selections. Please comment and let me know.

(I've noticed that the quality of some images suffered serious degradations due to resizing. I sincerely apologize for that and hope to get them redone soon. Thanks.)


Arnab said...

I really liked this collection, although felt many aspects were missing. The bhashan part was shot well, but the actual puja ceremony was missing, people on puja days and evenings, I mean, general ambinece ta captured hoyeni,jodio essence ta pawa jachhey.

Anonymous said...

incredible view of what Ive never imagine. Thanks for the looking, from the other side of the world, Buenos Aires, Argentina, watching.

Madalina Ciucu, Korodi Iolanda said...

Your photos are simply amazing!
you have captured the fascination of the culture! You are an artist!
With my entire admiration, Madalina